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Coby LEDTV3216 is a new addition to the Coby's line of modern HDTVs. It features 32 inches screen coupled with 720p resolution. Due to its size it might be good choice as secondary TV. That said, for smaller houses, placing it in living room wouldn't be a problem either.

Currently you can get it at least from With Coby LEDTV3216, they'll offer free shipping to any US address. They also had 15% discount on this TV last time I checked. You might want to check out the current situation right away.

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several viewing demographics.

Casual Viewing:
For casual viewers Coby LEDTV3216 is good choice. You'll get TV of good size and image quality. Yet it doesn't cost a lot. Actually it's very affordable TV and I'm little surprised to see it go this cheap.

Movie Viewing:
Movie viewers won't fight a lot comfort in Coby LEDTV3216. You probably want bigger TV. It's really up to your preferences though. Some might be OK with this, some might not. That said, if you are on budget, this Coby is your choice.

Sports Viewing:
Coby LEDTV3216 isn't ideal choice for serious sports viewers. The refresh rate of 60hz might not be enough for you. You should look for TV of at least 120hz to prevent annoying motion blurness.

As with sports viewers, the main limiting factor for gaming with Coby LEDTV3216 is the refresh rate. 120hz wouldn't hurt you. Also, many prefer a bigger TV to give you more authentic gaming experience.

Coby LEDTV3216 has one HDMI connection to suit your High Definition needs. One HD device can be connected to this TV at a time. There's also PC connection so you can use the TV as your computer screen.

Coby LEDTV3216 Summary

Coby LEDTV3216 is very basic and very cheap HDTV. It is best suited for casual viewers who watch TV now and then. Also for everybody who is on budget, give it a go! If you want a specialized TV for sports, games or movies, you might want to look elsewhere, though.

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