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Coby, being one of the smaller TV manufacturers, might still be a good choice for your TV needs. They release new models out from time to time. Today it was time to take a look at their new Coby TFDVD3299 that was released last February.

The TV in question is a 32 inches HDTV with built-in DVD player. The DVD player is a nice addition, however there are not many extra features beside that. I'd suggest buying this TV for a smaller room, say bedroom. If you also like to watch DVDs you'll obviously benefit most of it.

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  • Affordable
  • DVD player
  • Basic (pay more to get extra features)

Again, the screen size is 32 inches. It's not the biggest one there is. From my point of view, it's a good size for a secondary TV. Also remember that the TV is HDTV nonetheless. You'll most probably get good image quality out of it. Aside that, the built-in DVD player will make sure the hassle-free watching of DVDs. Obviously, you don't have to go to shop to buy external DVD player. Thus you'll save money. You also don't have to plug the cords and make hassle with external DVD player this way.

You can also watch contents of your USB flash drive or SD memory card with the TV. It comes handy if you have interesting stuff, like movies, there. There's also the possibility to watch photos from your digital camera with this TV. Atleast you'll see big photos, heh. That said, you'll be able to use this TV as your computer screen as well. There's the VGA port for that. In addition there are also 3 HDMI ports to accommodate your needs. You can plug HD supporting devices, such as PlayStation 3 or Blu-Ray player to these HDMI ports.

The speakers of this TV are quite normal. A pair or 10W speakers. They will probably work just fine. You can, however, plug a better pair of speakers and experience better audio quality. Though you don't probably need top-quality audio for your bedroom TV.

The Coby TFDVD3299 is a small yet modern HDTV and could do well as a secondary TV. The built-in DVD player is useful addition and will reduce the hassle of playing movies. There's not much of extra stuff with this TV, though. Bedroom TV I'd say. For a cheap price.

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