Honeywell LE.24v206 Review

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Honeywell LE.24v206 is new HDTV from the lesser known manufacturer Honeywell. It has 24 inches LED screen with Full HD support. Albeit being small TV - best for secondary rooms - it still has great picture quality. LED backlightning also gives you enhanced contrast which translates to more lively colors.

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several viewing demographics.

Casual Viewing:
Honeywell LE.24v206 is an excellent choice for casual viewing. It's dirt cheap and small thus compact to put in smaller room. Even though the screen is small, you'll still be enjoying the great image quality a Full HDTV has to offer.

Movie Viewing:
Movie people might not like Honeywell LE.24v206. At least if you dig big TVs. As noted, this one is just 24 inches. It's very small for a movie TV. That said, if you want secondary movie TV, this might be it.

Sports Viewing:
Sports freaks might also want something else than Honeywell LE.24v206. You probably value bigger screens. Also, the refresh rate of 60hz is not optimal for you. You might want faster TV for faster sports. With low refresh rate there might be some motion blur present.

Honeywell LE.24v206 isn't made primary for gaming. As you might already know, the screen size is small. Also the refresh rate could be bigger to prevent that motion blur in fast games. As a secondary gaming TV, for kids maybe, it could still work well.

There are 3 HDMI ports present in Honeywell LE.24v206. Other than that, there's USB port, Component Video, Memory Card Slot and PC input.

Honeywell LE.24v206 Summary

Honeywell LE.24v206 is your choice for secondary TV needs. It's very cheap yet quality television. Of course for primary TV it might be too small and basic. But place it in your bedroom or kids room and you (and the kids) will be happy!

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