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LG Electronics 42LN5200 is LG's new try to conquer the world of medium size HDTVs. This LG features 42 inch monitor with the usual 1080p resolution and 60hz refresh rate. On paper they sound good and - most often - also in the real life. Let's take a quick look how this TV suits different user demographics.

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several viewing demographics.

Casual Viewing:
For casual viewers this TV offers unbeatable price. It's very fair for specs such as 42 inches, 1080p resolution and 60HZ refresh rate. I'd say LG Electronics 42LN5200 makes a great living room TV for someone on low budget.

Movie Viewing:
Well, once again if you are on budget, LG Electronics 42LN5200 is your choice. From my point of view 42 inches is enough for movies. The LED display should have bright and lively colors, though at this price the quality of picture is just mediocre.

Sports Viewing:
Sport viewers might find the refresh rate of 60hz too little sometimes. In fast sports there might be motion blurring present. However, considering the price and size, LG Electronics 42LN5200 is not a bad choice for a sports fanatic's home.

In my opinion a big TVs are suitable for gaming. LG Electronics 42LN5200 is on the brink of being big. I'd say it's almost big, perhaps a big medium. There might be some cringe with the low refresh rate if you play very fast games, though.

For this price LG had to make some compromises for sure. I think they did so in connectivity sector. There's just 1 HDMI port and no audio out at all. Thus it's hard to connect this TV to an external speakers.

LG Electronics 42LN5200 Summary

LG Electronics 42LN5200 seems to be great choice for casual watching and playing games. For serious movie and sports freaks I'd recommend something else due to lack of connectivity. For others, you might've found your next budget television. Check it out at Amazon.com!

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