Seiki Digital SC324FB Review

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Lately, Seiki released a small and affordable version of it's bigger and fancier TVs. This little brother is called Seiki Digital SC324FB. It features Full HD resolution, 60hz refresh rate and a typical LCD backlightning. Let's take a quick look whether the TV is a good pick for your or not.

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several viewing demographics.

Casual Viewing:
If you are a casual viewer, Seiki Digital SC324FB offers you basic viewing experience with little money. It's actually one of the cheapest TVs I've ever seen. The image quality is not great nor the TV very big - but for this money it's pretty damn good for casual use.

Movie Viewing:
If Seiki Digital SC324FB is good for a now and then use, same can't be said about using the TV for entertainment. The small size, low refresh rate and average image quality won't give you the best movie night, if I may speak straight.

Sports Viewing:
Sports people are usually looking for similar TV than movie people. Thus, Seiki Digital SC324FB isn't your best bet for sports either. Motion blurness might be present with this low refresh rate. Also, the small size might disturb some.

Give Seiki Digital SC324FB for kids gaming TV and they'll be happy. Quite honestly, kids will be happy with anything. If you are looking for a serious gaming TV, you'd better choose a bigger and fancier model. And unfortunately, pay more.

For a very cheap TV Seiki Digital SC324FB has as many as 3 HDMI connections. Though you might not find use for all of them, especially if you don't use this TV as your main telly. Which you probably won't, considering its size and features.

Seiki Digital SC324FB Summary

Seiki Digital SC324FB is great choice for one demographics: the casual viewers. Other people with specialized need might not find what they are looking for in this TV. For your secondary bedroom or kids room TV, this Seiki is worthy of consideration!

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