VIZIO E502AR Review

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Huh, VIZIO's been doing a good job releasing those TVs out lately. Many were released last September. Like this VIZIO E502AR. As usually, it's available at least from with a lucrative price. They usually have the best prices ;)

Shortly put, it's a 50 inches LCD TV. You'll probably enjoy it as your primary TV due to the size and couple of useful features. Many prefer a TV this big to their living room. If I had a big house 50 inches TV (or more) would be my choice there.

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  • Useful, yet affordable.
  • Easy to stream movies & series with Internet Apps.
  • No QWERTY keyboard for extra easy usage.

50" and HD quality will probably bring you enjoyable viewing experience for TV, series and movies alike. In my opinion it's big enough to build a home theater. The HD quality is obviously a good yet common thing nowadays. You'll be watching crisp image with this TV. I mentioned about the useful features the TV has. Like many VIZIOs, this one has built-in Wi-Fi too. It's useful because you'll also get VIZIO Internet Apps. You can access services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube easily - and watch whatever you want from there. Some of them like Hulu Plus cost a bit, though.

Unlike some cheaper VIZIOs this one has PC input too. The TV itself doesn't come with QWERTY keyboard. Thus it's a nice addition if you want to have a huge PC monitor but still control it with keyboard and mouse.  Like many modern TVs there brightness is auto-adjusting. You'll get perfect image brightness according how dark it is in your room. If you have to close the curtains because of sunshine you don't have to adjust the settings yourself. The VIZIO E502AR doest it all.

VIZIO also made this TV with gamers in mind. You have 3 HDMI inputs (1 side, 2 down). You can connect three HD supporting devices, like different gaming consoles or Sat box at the same time. It's hassle-free with no plugging and un-plugging after the initial set-up.

As mentioned in the beginning, it's a good HDTV with bunch of useful features. You'll watch TV, series and movies no problem with this. And if you run out of them temporarily you can get more with Internet Apps. Thus there's always something entertaining when you fire up this TV :)

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