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If you've been looking for a huge & expensive TV, here's an answer for your needs. The Vizio E701i-A3 is a 70 inches monster HDTV with all the extra features you could think of. The price tag is also grandiose. For this TV it might be very well justified, though. Let's take a quick look at it!

Last time I checked the Vizio E701i-A3 was available at least in They offered the best price. That said, you still have to pay a lot :D Anyway, I recommend checking the current price from their site to get the latest discounts!

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People buy televisions for many different purposes. Below are my recommendations for several viewing demographics.

Casual Viewing:
Well, for sure if you are into huge TVs, this is a good choice for casual user. The screen size is whopping 70 inches. The ideal place to put it is the living room. Just make sure you have space there!

Movie Viewing:
I think Vizio E701i-A3 is a perfect choice for movie viewers. It's huge, has enhanced contrast and great picture quality. Just add up some quality speakers and you have an excellent home theater. After buying this TV you won't even notice the price of the speakers, heh.

Sports Viewing:
Like to view sports, eh? Vizio E701i-A3 offers you the biggest screen. You'll probably like it. Other than that, the 120hz refresh rate is good. Even the fastest sports will render smoothly. There's no motion blurness.

Big screens are always good for gaming. Thus Vizio E701i-A3 might be your choice. As with sports, you'll have smooth images due to high refresh rate. You'll also like the enhanced contrast of LED backlighting.

There are as many as 4 HDMI inputs available with Vizio E701i-A3. Other than that, you'll get the typical Vizio connectivity: 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 PC, 1 Ethernet and 2 USB ports. That's quite much. And so be it, for this price :)

Vizio E701i-A3 Summary

E701i-A3 is really the king of Vizio. You'll get a modern HDTV with huge screen and all the extra features. It's good for about every use you can think of. The only limiting factor is, of course, the price. If you have the money, by all means go for it!

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